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Jeff Scheible

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[Quotation from your work or a motto (since this is a semi-professional site, please avoid merely "funny" sayings]?

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Jeff grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from Swarthmore College in 2004. At UCSB, he is in his third year of the film and media studies department's MA/PhD program. Jeff is working on a theoretically open-ended project on parentheses--on what they do as relation structures in writing, and on how those relations also play out in certain instances of non-writing. So far, the project has focused on literal parentheses and has worked out from there: in Derrida's theory of writing, in documentations of the laugh track, and as digital communication in the movie ''Me and You and Everyone We Know''. Jeff has worked as an editorial assistant for the journal Camera Obscura since 2005, and he is training to become managing editor. This past year, he co-organized Media Fields (a graduate student conference), and received his MA. Currently, Jeff is teaching a class on group studies in film programming.

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