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Project Pages

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Team members

Alice Adaptation Project
Berlin Project
Ringu Transmission Project
Close Reading Re-visited
The Visual Pig
The Sonnet Virus
The Critical GeoWiki Experiment

English 236 project teams 





















Create a listing below for your team (or solo) project page named after the literary work your project is based on, then link the listing to a new page that you create using the Project Template. Example: Macbeth Project.


To create your project page, follow these steps:

  • Click on the tab at the top for "New Page."
  • Name the page with your name (e.g., Macbeth page) and choose the "Project Template" as the page template.
  • The Project Template includes formatting for the top of the page and the team members (fill in the information). Most of the page, however, is freeform.
  • Then add the name of the page you created to the Team Projects directory page in alphabetical order and link from that to the page you created.



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