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Technology Support for this Course

Transcriptions Studio, South Hall 2509Graduate students can make use of the following facilities and resources offered by the English Department.
  • Transcriptions Computing Studio (South Hall 2509). The studio is open to students in Winter quarter during the following drop-in support hours (when the Transcriptions RA will staff the room and be available for help):
    • Tuesday, 11:00-5:00
    • Wednesday, 9:30-12:00
    • Thursday, 2:00-5:00
    • Friday, 10:00-12:30
    Graduate students may also ask for a room access code for the quarter.



Transcriptions RA

  • The Transcriptions Research Assistant for Winter 2008 is Julia Panko (juliapanko@umail dot ucsb dot edu). She will keep regular drop-in consultation hours in the Transcriptions studio (South Hall 1509). (See hours posted above.)

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